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Shoe Trees

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The Shoe Trees are the staple product of our business. Shoe Trees are very important to keeping your sneakers in great shape. They are used to keep the form of the shoe while your shoes are not being used or in storage. We don't want the leather to wrinkle, crease, or cave in and that's what the Shoe Trees prevent. They are also very usually for stretching the toebox of shoes like the Yeezys. Yeezy toebox's are notoriously very flat and can be uncomfortable to wear. Use our Shoe Trees while storing them and the next time you wear your Yeezys you will notice so much more space in the toebox!


✔   Sturdy Plastic
✔   Flexible
✔   Prevent wrinkles
✔   Prevent creases
✔   Use to stretch toebox (Yeezy)
✔   Keeps form
✔   Added support
✔   Great for display
✔   Helps while cleaning
✔   All black design


✔   One Size - US Men (6-13)
✔   One Size - US Women (7.5-14.5)