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Crease Protectors: How they help protect the sneaker.

Nothing hurts more than having your favorite pair of sneakers deteriorate. You often see people rocking their sneakers for years after years, but yours don’t last as long and especially in that condition. Well, the secret to keeping and storing the sneakers for years is to take care of and protect them. People who want their sneakers to last longer and be in great condition put a little effort into maintaining them and taking care of them.  

Today, we’re going to give you a few tips to take care of your sneakers and how you can protect them and make them last longer.

The first and foremost problem that mostly incurs with sneakers is having your toebox crease. A creased and wrinkled toebox is one of the major factors that make your sneakers look old and worn out. To cope with this problem, we suggest using Crease Protection, which has been engineered specially to give an additional structure to the toebox of your sneaker to prevent creasing which eventually leads to wrinkles and cracking. The Crease Protection dramatically reduces the likelihood of creasing your sneakers by ensuring that you don’t put enough pressure on your toebox.

These crease guards come in a pair that you insert into your shoes before you get ready for your everyday grind. They offer extra support to your toebox and prevent your shoes from forming tiny folds right at the top of your toebox and surrounding areas. They provide stability to the area and prevent deformation. To insert them; loosen the shoe laces, remove your insole, push the Crease Protection in toward the top, put the insole back, and you’re ready to have a crease and wrinkle-free sneakers.

Crease Protection is a thin shield inserted in your shoe that prevents creasing as the name suggests, and makes the shoes last longer. They offer additional support to the toebox and keep the original form of the shoe. It’s a flexible film, that features a smart design with holes for ventilation and maximum comfort. It’s made with strong, durable, and washable materials.

Another thing that you can do to protect the sneakers is to keep them clean. This simple tip also extends the lifetime of the shoes. Insert the Crease Protection while cleaning also, so that you get the dirt out while keeping the shape of the shoe and preventing the creases. The creases are usually the first place, where the cracking begins, hence you should nip the problem from the root to ensure a long-lasting sneaker. Sneax also offers specialized sneaker cleaning materials that you can use while cleaning your shoes. If you’re on the go and want to keep your shoes new and fresh then, you should definitely add the Cleaning Wipes to your cart as they are perfect to keep the dirt and stains off quickly and easily.

How you store your sneakers also affects the lifetime of the shoe, you can insert Shoe Trees in your shoes as you take them off and keep them in storage. This eliminates the effects of gravity and prevents the shoes from looking worn-out and old.

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