Shoe Trees: How they maintain the sneaker.

Shoe Trees: How they maintain the sneaker.

For sneaker heads, sneakers are not merely footwear or an accessory, rather they represent a culture, a story, and a heritage. Something that started as athletic wear is now a part of the everyday lifestyle. People now seek comfort and style all in one. We at Sneax understand the importance of taking good care of your shoes and sneaker, that not only keep the shoes in shape but also extend their lifetime. Whether you’re a collector or you wear the shoes regularly, all you really want is to get the most out of your shoes and that can only be done if you take good care of your shoes. 

What is a Shoe tree?

Keeping the shoes in shape can be challenging, right? Not anymore, Shoe trees are sturdy plastic inserts that are used when storing shoes. They are the best product available to keep your shoes from the effects of gravity and wear. Shoes often get wrinkles and creases when you wear and store them, but shoe trees prevent them by keeping them in their original shapes and protecting them from folds and caves. They offer structural support to the shoe from the inside and hold the shape, exactly how the shoes are supposed to be. If you store the shoes without any support, then they fold, crease, and break down easily. They are highly effective in increasing the shelf-life of your shoes. 

How to use Shoe trees?

A shoe tree is a spring-loaded plastic insert that can be bent easily to fit in your shoe. It’s a one size fits all product that can be used for any of your shoes. The shoe trees at Sneax offer great quality and sleek design. All you have to do is get the pair of sneaker that you want to protect, take the shoe tree and insert it in, bend the spring to fit your shoes and they’ll hold their shape until you wear them next time.

Why should you use Shoe Trees?

When you invest in your sneakers and other shoes, you want to make the most use of them and protect them. One of the best ways to protect them is by using shoe trees. Shoe trees not only prevent your shoes from wrinkles and the effects of gravity (which is a great selling point on its own) but they are also very helpful in cleaning your shoes. When you clean your shoes, you need them to maintain their shape so that you get the dirt off of them easily. If you have a sneaker display, then shoe trees allow you to display your sneakers in style by keeping them in shape while preventing creases. Lastly, they are also great for traveling, as shoes often get crushed and creased in the suitcases, but if you use shoe trees then they guard and protect your shoes from being crushed down by the weight and pressure.

Final verdict? Save yourself tons of money and invest in shoe trees to preserve the life of your sneakers. Check out our Shoe trees, which offer great quality and price.
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